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The New car Skoda in Switzerland agency from where different types of Skoda electric cars are purchased such as a Skoda electric car with a 55-kWh battery pack and 109 kW electric motor mounted on the rear axle and a find new Skoda vehicle driver with a range of up to 340 km Joins in The new Skoda vehicle gets a 62-kWh battery with a 390-km range and a rear-mounted 132 kW motor. All cars of the Skoda Electric Car brand are available on this platform. On this online portal you can get all the information about the cars you are going to buy. Here you can also buy a used car at a cheaper price. You can also see used car prices here. If something goes wrong with a car, you can find your Skoda partner and ask them where there is a Skoda Garage nearby your area and then you can contact them very easily. Before buying a car Skoda, you should check whether the authorized centre of that car is available in your city. You can also buy a car Skoda in Switzerland on any occasion. You can be contacted by Autosky to purchase Skoda cars.